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Stories for My Little Sister

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If you'd like to read a story, you've come to the right place. You can download all our books, free of charge, right here - just scroll down and click on the pictures!

Meet Heloise

A little girl rides storybook rhinoceros Heloise.

Growing up isn't always easy, and sometimes it helps to know that you have a friend who'll be there for you. Heloise is that sort of friend. Would you like to meet her?

Pink Ethel

Pink elephant Pink Ethel from the picture book of the same title.

Have you ever felt as if you just don't fit in? Pink Ethel feels like that all the time. Will she ever be just like everybody else?

Did you hear a squeak?

Storybook mouse Squeaks, looking solemn in this picture.

Sometimes, just when you think your life is perfect and you want it to stay the same forever, something happens and everything changes. Just ask little mice Squeaks, Megan and Cornelia...

My Friend Stinky

Storybook friends Amy and Stinky the skunk walk hand in hand.

Do you know how sometimes you meet somebody and you like them straight away, and you know that you'll be friends forever? That's just how Amy feels about her friend Stinky.

David Goes Green

David the goldfish separates his trash in this picture book illustration.

Have you ever seen a goldfish recycle? No??? What are you waiting for?

We Took Our Pet Moochie to New York...
What a Mistake!

Cartoon turtle Moochie with NYC souvenirs, in a picture from the storybook about her.

What could possibly go wrong if you took your turtle for a vacation in New York City? Well, a lot, if your turtle happens to be Moochie!

Cricket and Watson The Story of Two Little Birds who Can't Can Fly

Picture-book illustration of little birds Cricket and Watson flapping their wings.

Little birds Cricket and Watson dream of flying off into the sky. They're just not quite sure how to go about it...

Annabella, Little Aardvark... Big Dream!

In this illustration from the picture book telling her story, aardvark Annabella sings into a mic.

Do you have a big dream – something you know you'd do really well, if only you got the chance? Annabella is a little aardvark who dreams of becoming a rock star. She just knows she can do it... but can she make her dream come true?

Stinky's Christmas Surprise

Cartoon skunk Stinky carries a stack of presents in this picture-book illustration.

Sometimes your holiday plans don't go quite as you expected. Sometimes they go even better!

Tuppence for Christmas

Penguin chick Tuppence stands on the ice with her parents in this storybook picture.

Tuppence was looking forward to a perfect Christmas – and her family already had the perfect tree. But then something happened that no penguin chick could possibly have expected...

Corduroy's Christmas Adventure

Storybook hedgehogs Corduroy and Velvet sleep under a snow-covered tree.

Imagine if you slept all the way through winter: you'd miss Christmas! That's what happened to little hedgehog Corduroy, until the year he decided to make some changes...

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