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We thought you might like to get to know us a little, so here goes!

Sisters, Samantha and Diana Shaul, author and illustrator for Stories for My Little Sister, when they were little Samantha & Diana

Samantha was a little girl with lots of stories in her head. She dreamed of a world with talking animals all over her house. She rode to school on her jewellery-wearing rhinoceros, Heloise, and she was absolutely certain that her little sister was a very human-looking alien who had fallen to earth from her cuboid home planet.

Diana was Samantha's little sister. She loved to hear stories. Even if she was feeling a bit glum, they would always make her happy. She loved to draw and paint, and she dreamed in brilliant, beautiful colours. She always wanted to draw pictures of Samantha's stories – and she could see them, true and clear, in her head.

One day, Samantha started to write her stories down. It took a long time. After all, writing a story is not quite the same as having one swimming around in your head: you have to be sure of what's going to happen, and you have to decide how it's all going to end. After that, Diana took up her pens and drew the pictures she saw in her head when she heard the stories.

Sisters, Samantha and Diana Shaul, author and illustrator for Stories for My Little Sister, recent photo Samantha & Diana

Samantha and Diana are now all grown up and have loaded their stories on to this website for you to read. Some of the characters you'll meet here at Stories for My Little Sister are our very old friends, and their stories have grown up and sometimes changed with us. Others popped into Samantha's head not long ago, with a wonderful story to tell. What all our characters have in common is that somehow Samantha always knows that Diana would want to meet them, and somehow Diana always knows just how they look. Well, it just may be that we haven't quite grown up after all.

We're so glad to have the chance to introduce you to our dear friends. We hope you'll enjoy reading their stories as much as we did telling them.

P.S. If you're a parent and would like to learn more about us and the story behind Stories for My Little Sister, please click here to read our letter to you.

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